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Emergency Info

Here at Morello Park, your children's safety is at the forefront of our minds and the decisions that we make. Our staff has been trained and informed on not only how to keep your children safe in the event of an emergency, but also what to do after an emergency. 

In order to be as efficient and most protective of your children, please take the time to read the following about our:


Reunification Plan 

Standard Reunification Method 

Reunification Card (English)

Reunification Card (Spanish)


Please note: in the event of an Emergency you MUST have a photo ID in addition to having the Reunification Card filled out. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this. Having the Reunification Card filled out ahead of time can help you get your child back much quicker. We will have blank Reunification Cards onsite.

TIP: Just like your vehicle registration form, keep a pre-filled out Reunification card in the glovebox of your vehicle(s) as well as your emergency contact's vehicle, ready to grab and go.


Another way to ensure quick delivery of your child in the event of an emergency is to frequently check and update the Aeries Parent Portal several times a year, or any time a change is made to phone numbers, emergency contacts, etc.


Thank you for the time and attention you are investing to make sure your children are safe and also how to make sure they are returned to you in the least traumatic, most efficient way possible.