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FAME(Fine Arts Mini-Experience)

FAME is an art and music program designed to familiarize students with well-known artists, composers, and their works. The content is presented by focusing on specific art and music elements as parts of a composition and by providing a connection, be it life experiences or artistic similarities of featured artists, to which contemporary young people may relate. FAME offers students criteria for viewing a painting and listening to a piece of music. This guidance provides reinforcement in developing their skills as analytical spectators who can ultimately discern shades of quality and familiarizes them with some of the great artists in history.

Morello Park has purchased the FAME 5 year program. All lessons are taught at school during “music prep” for students grade 1-5. The program started with FAME YEAR 1 in 2006-2007 and ended with FAME YEAR 5 in 2010-2011. In the 2011-2012 school year, we will be going back to teaching FAME Year 1. A brief look at the entire 5-year program may be found here click.

Our FAME lessons are taught by a wonderful team of enthusiastic parent volunteers (referred to as docents). Our docents attend pre-lesson meetings to review and prepare for the art and music portions and the accompanying hands on activity – no prior knowledge of art or music is necessary!

If you are (or know anyone who may be) interested in joining this exceptional program and being a part of your children's lives at the school (repeat: no art or music experience necessary...just enthusiasm!), please contact Colleen Gianatiempo, Amy Snyder or April Thompson.