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Eagle Reading

Morello Park Elementary PTA Sponsored:

Read with the Eagle and earn a Free Book

Instruction to Parents

  1. If you do not have a calendar look to the right to print one.

    Minutes are cumulative.  Every time your child reaches the above goal, he/she will earn a free book.  Overages will be carried over to the next month.

  2. Put your child's and teacher's name on the lines provided.
  3. Record the number of minutes that your child reads, or is read to, in the daily box.   This includes any minutes your child reads, including outside reading for homework.
  4. On the first day of each month, total the number of minutes read for the previous month and record that number on the front of the calendar in the Minutes Read slot.  Send to school with your child, who will give it to the teacher.  Parent must sign the calendar to verify minutes read.
  5. The teacher will put the child's calendar in the PTA box.
  6. The requirements for earning a free book are:
            K-2nd grades:   500 minutes read/month = 1 free book!
            3rd-5th grades: 750 minutes read/month = 1 free book!

Helpful hints for parents

  1. Please remember that this is a voluntary program to encourage pleasure reading.   Contact your child's teacher with regards to their reading requirements for the classroom.   Most teachers accept this reading calendar as a reading log.
  2. Ask an occasional question about the book your child is reading.
  3. Reading to a child, at any age, is always accepted as reading time.
  4. Place the calendar where it can be seen and easily written on, such as the refrigerator or inside a cabinet.
  5. Write on the calendar for your child if necessary.  If your child is old enough to add up his monthly total, please double check the figures.
  6. Encourage your child to make a habit of taking the calendar back to school on the first day of the new month, and to give it to the teacher.
  7. If your child has enough books at home, please keep participating!  The child can pick out a book for a sibling, friend, the classroom, or even the library.

Printable Reading Calendars if you don't have one