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Grant Matsumoto Locker

Grant Matsumoto

Reader's Workshop



Students will be reading mystery books. They will either be working in same-book partnerships or different-book partnerships. Students will read their mysteries, keeping track of clues, wondering about suspects, noting points of confusion, and discussing their thinking with their partners. I will be especially focused on supporting their literal comprehension of these mysteries and support students in working on fluency, monitoring for meaning, retelling, envisioning and predicting.



We continue to study our multiplication facts, learning multiple strategies to solve simple number sentences.  We have been introduced to all facts, so now we just have to hone our solving skills and memorize!  

Committing all facts through 10x10 (I suggest through 12x12) to memory will benefit your child when it comes to division and fractions.  Please encourage your child to practice their facts DAILY using the links to the left and above.

We will spend two weeks on bar graphs, pictographs, and line plots before beginning Unit 3 (multi-digit addition and subtraction) prior to Winter Break.

Current Assignments