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Dates and Details


Important Dates

Wednesday  3/20-       Library Books Due!

Thursday, 3/28-            Open House 5-7

April 1-5-                      Spring Break

Wednesday, 4/17         Beatrix Potter Tea Party (details to follow)

Thursday, 5/2-              Guide Dogs for the Blind Field trip (details to follow)

Friday, 5/10-                 Kids for the Bay- in class field trip (details to follow)

Monday, 5/27-              Memorial Day Holiday- No School

Wednesday, 5/29-        2nd Grade Assembly- Pipe Connector Assembly

Tuesday, 6/4      -         Field Day

Wednesday, 6/5-          2nd Grade Picnic and Dessert (details to follow)

Friday, 6/7-                   Last Day of School- Dismissal at 12:00!


Field Trip Dates


Play-                                      2/28/19

Guide Dogs- San Rafael-      5/2/19

Kids for the Bay- (in-Class)   5/10/19

Ninja Fact Master Program



We are starting a new program to help students master their addition and subtraction facts. Each week the students will take a timed test. Students who pass the the test with a score of 100% will move up to the next test. If students do not complete the test in the allotted time, or miss any questions, they will re-take the test the following week. Students will move at their own pace but the expectation is by the end of the year, students will have mastered these facts. You can help at home by providing the practice time and quiz them when they are ready. I will give the Ninja Math Tests on Wednesdays, so you have a week to practice! 

Donate A Much-Needed Book To Our Class in Lieu of Treats!

Parents: Please consider donating a book to our classroom instead of a birthday treat. We have many books that go with our writing and reading programs and I would be so grateful if you could donate a book to go with them. Thanks in advance for your contribution. Please see me for book titles or if you have any questions about how we will use them in the classroom.


Mrs. Welch


Math Games

Unit 1- Figure the Facts


Unit 2- Place Value and Measuring


Partitioning Numbers, Counting by 10's, 1's


Shark Numbers (Place Value)


Shark Pool (Place Value)


Number Line Games (Adding and Subtracting)


Techno Tortoise (Number Line)


Unit 3- Addition and Subtraction Within 100


ICT Number Line Games


Techno Tortoise Number Line


Whack a Mole- Counting Sequence


Catapult Count On


Unit 4- Measurement


Measurement Mania


Inches To Feet


Yards To Feet


Unit 5- Place Value to 100

Unit 6- Geometry

Unit 7- Measurement, Fractions, Multi-Digit  Computation with Hungry Ants

Unit 8- Measurement, Data, Multi-Digit Computation with Hungry Ants

Math- Bridge's Math

Unit 6- Geometry


* Attributes of 2-Dimensional Shapes

* Exploring Area and Arrays

* Composing and Decomposing Patchwork Shapes

* Patchwork Fractions


Reading Units of Study

 Unit 3- Bigger Books Mean Ramping Up Reading Power


* Rehearsing reading voices

* Scooping up words into phrases

* Using meaning to read fluently

*Recognizing literary language

* Understanding comparisons

* Notice when authors play with words

* Holding onto longer books

* Using writing to solve reading problems

* Organizing book clubs

* Giving feedback to members

Writer's Workshop


Unit 1- Me As A Writer


* Introduce the Writer's Workshop

* Writing Ideas

* Personal Narrative Sample

*Informational Writing Sample

*Opinion Writing Sample

*Stages in the writing process

*Spelling strategies


Links I Love!

Great Links for Learning and Practice!                   - Peter Rabbit with games and activities to do!    - This website needs no log-in code. Search by story!             - Log- in codes coming home next week!  - This site allows you to look up a book by its title  and find its AR level.          - The main page for Scholastic Books. My class code is GXZKR.                - Log-in codes coming next week!  - Great teaching videos for helping students at home!

Daily Classroom Schedule

        M, T, Th, and F

 8:15-              opening;

 8:20-9:10       spelling/phonics 

 9:10-10:00 -   Prep (social studies; music; p,e.)

10:15-10:55-   Group Work

10:55-11:35-   Number Corner; Math  (Thursday @ 11:00- library)

11:35-11:55-   Lunch recess

12:00-12:15-   Lunch

12:00-12:40-  Correct binder business; DEAR read

12:40-1:30-    Reader's Workshop

1:30-1:40-      Recess

1:40-2:35-      writer's workshop; science; social studies; art

2:35-              Dismissal



8:15-8:45-         prep-

8:45-9:00-         opening; binder business; number corner      

10:00-10:15-     snack recess

10:15-11:35-     language arts/phonics

11:35-11:55-     recess

11:55-12:15-     lunch

12:15-12:45-    read aloud/correct binder business

12:45-1:30-      math centers

1:30-                dismissal

PE, Music and Social Studies Rotation

This year Mrs. Alber will be teaching social studies to our class. Mrs. Silva is teaching PE and Mr. Gouveia is teaching music. If you have any concerns or questions about these classes, please contact them directly.




  Physical Science


Chapter 1- Forces and Motion

* Describe position

* what is motion?

* What is force?

* Howe can tools and machines make things move?

* What is gravity?

*What are magnets?

Thank you to My Cute Graphics for allowing the use of their clip art on this website.

We have students in our class who have an allergy to peanuts and all other nuts. Please help to keep our classroom a safe place for everyone by not bringing any foods with nuts into the classroom.

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FYI, please look for my monthly website updates on the first week of the month. I'm looking forward to an outstanding year with your children.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone.


Mrs. Welch


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Scholastic Books Code

Periodically I will send home catalogs from Scholastic Books. If you would like to order books, you will make your selections and pay online. The books will be shipped to me and I will pass them out. Should you wish to purchase books for a birthday or holiday gift-giving, let me know and I will send them home in a paper bag so your child won't see the titles. My class code is GXZKR. I will send the first book order form home in September.