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Kristi Ellenwood




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10 - 24     Picture retakes

10 - 25     Coffee with the Principal

10 - 27     Harvest Festival 1-4 pm

10 - 28     Book Fair Monday through Thursday 8:15 - 3:30 and MINIMUM DAYS ALL WEEK

10 - 28     Sports Dy

10 - 29     Tacky Tuesday

10 - 30     Wacky Hair Wednesday

10 - 31     Halloween Costume

11 -  1      PJ Day

11 - 11     Veterans' Day - NO SCHOOL

11 - 12     PTA Meeting 7 pm in MU

11 - 15     Coffee with the Principal

11 - 19     ELAC Meeting 3 pm in the Library

11 - 25     Thanksgiving Week

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Click HERE for Prodigy (class code 7C6C17)

Click HERE to practice your spelling word lists on SpellingCity
Click HERE for Mr. Nussbaum Language Arts Practice
Click HERE for to order books.
Our class activation code is GYC3M.
Click HERE for Mr. Nussbaum Math Practice
Click HERE for Interactive Math Practice
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Click HERE to go the AR Book Find  

Click HERE for Bridges Math Support

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Please take the time to review your child's homework with them before it comes back to class.  Our check in volunteers should be able to quickly glance the pages.  They are also checking for a parent/guardian signature which verifies that someone did check it for completeness and accuracy.  If you come across something that you are unsure of, please send an email to me or send in a note.  Homework should come in 100% correct each morning. 
Also,  please help your child to establish a Reading Response writing routine that works for them.  Reading Logs go home on Fridays and are due the following Friday (or the last day of the school week).  That allows ample time for the three required entries.  Don't forget to record reading minutes on the Eagle Reading Calendar, too.  This is an easy way to earn free books.


Text Connections


1)Text-to-Text – How do the ideas in this text remind you of another text (story, book, movie, song, etc)? Complete one of the following statements:

What I just read reminds me of ___________________ (story/book/movie/song) because...
The ideas in this text are similar to the ideas in ___________________ because….
The ideas in this text are different than the ideas in ­­­___________________ because….

2) Text-to-Self – How do the ideas in this text relate to your own life, ideas and experiences? Complete one of the following statements:

What I just read reminds me of the time when I….
I agree with/understand what I just read because in my own life...
I don't agree with what I just read because in my own life...

3) Text-to-World – How do the ideas in this text reading relate to the larger world – past, present and future. Complete one of the following statements:

What I just read makes me think about _________________________ (event from the past) because……
What I just read makes me think about _________________________ (event from today related to my own community, nation or world) because….
What I just read makes me wonder about the future because….

Standards for Mathematical Practice

As you observe your children completing their homework, please look for evidence of them utilizing the Standards for Mathematical Practice. Compliment them for showing evidence of these standards:

1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.

3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

4. Model with mathematics.

5. Use appropriate tools strategically.

6. Attend to precision.

7. Look for and make use of structure.

8. Look for and express regularity in reasoning.

Our Class Could Use Donations of:

* Ticonderoga Pencils

* Pencil Tip Erasers -regular color only please

* Reams of Colored Copy Paper

Sign Up Genius for October Conferences

A great third grade quality summary will include the following:
Accelerated Reader

Your child will begin reading an Accelerated Reader book each day during our ZYLAR (Zip Your Lips And Read) time each often as possible.  This is to help increase their fluency, proficiency, and confidence which is still lacking for some of them.  After they finish the book, they will take an AR test and the TOPS report will come home, as per usual.  I strongly encourage you to support your child at home with their AR reading there.  Some students are severly lacking in points and reading, and this is evident in their reading in class and their classwork.  The monthly goal is 5 points.

Reading Log