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Suzanne Renaghan

D-1 Angels

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year

I look forward to seeing everyone first thing Wednesday morning!  Come ready for a GREAT year full of fun and learning.  


Please mark your calendar now for Back to School Night on Wednesday, August 28th.  It is really important that at least one guardian attend this event, as I will be covering many important details regarding your child's third grade year.  

Making Connections


Text Connections

1)Text-to-Text – How do the ideas in this text remind you of another text (story, book, movie, song, etc)? Complete one of the following statements:

What I just read reminds me of ___________________ (story/book/movie/song) because...
The ideas in this text are similar to the ideas in ___________________ because….
The ideas in this text are different than the ideas in ­­­___________________ because….


2) Text-to-Self – How do the ideas in this text relate to your own life, ideas and experiences? Complete one of the following statements:

What I just read reminds me of the time when I….
I agree with/understand what I just read because in my own life...
I don't agree with what I just read because in my own life...


3) Text-to-World – How do the ideas in this text reading relate to the larger world – past, present and future. Complete one of the following statements:

What I just read makes me think about _________________________ (event from the past) because……
What I just read makes me think about _________________________ (event from today related to my own community, nation or world) because….
What I just read makes me wonder about the future because….


Accelerated Reader Information

Third graders are expected to take a minimum of one AR test every two weeks on a book that they have read on their own at their Guided Reading or AR level.  The goal is to earn at least 2-3 points every two weeks, or 5 points a month, and to read at least one, hopefully two, chapter books per month.  If a student fulfills the minimum requirement of 5 points per month, they will have a total of 45 points by the end of third grade.  


Library books should go to and from school and should be read for Reading Log time at home and Read to Self time at school.  Students are expected to take a test on their library book before it is due back.  If they are reading a longer chapter book and can’t finish in two weeks, it is okay to re-check it out for another week. 


Students who wish to go above and beyond the minimum requirements for AR tests will receive the following incentives:


When you reach:                      You get:



5 points                                 5 Dojo points    

10 points                                10 Dojo points   

25 points                                25 Dojo points

50 points                                50 Dojo points

75 points                                75 Dojo points

100 points                              100 Dojo Points

100 points +                            Breakfast with Mrs. Renaghan

                                                                & other readers from D-1                          

Character Counts!

Character Counts Pledge

I am a kid of good character, trustworthy and true.

I'm responsible and fair, respectful too.

I am a good citizen.  I know what to do.

I care about me and I care about you.

The choices I make shape the person I'll be,

'cause Character Counts and I'm counting on me!


Why should my child read for at least 20 minutes every day?


"You can learn a lot about life by observing another species."

from Life According to Humphrey

by Betty Birney


Meet Charlie, our classroom pet!  He is an 11 year old Russian Tortoise.  He lives in a tortoise table in our classroom.  D-1 students take turns taking care of him.  He likes to eat lettuce.  Stop in and say hello to him when you get a chance!IMG 7998.JPG

Websites for Third Graders!




IXL Math


Prodigy   class code 4B25BC


AR Bookfind


Book Wizard


Great Schools for third grade reading lists



Bridges Leaning Center apps


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